FortiGuard Management – FortiManager 5.2

FortiGuard Management The FortiGuard Distribution Network (FDN) provides FortiGuard services for your FortiManager system and its managed devices and FortiClient agents. The FDN is a world-wide network of FortiGuard Distribution Servers (FDS) which update the FortiGuard services on your FortiManager system on a regular basis so that your FortiManager system is protected against the latest […]

Device Configurations – FortiManager 5.2

Device Configurations The FortiManager system maintains a configuration repository to manage device configuration revisions. After modifying device configurations, you can save them to the FortiManager repository and install the modified configurations to individual devices or device groups. You can also retrieve the current configuration of a device, or revert a device’s configuration to a previous […]

Provisioning Templates – FortiManager 5.2

Provisioning Templates The Provisioning Templates section of the Device Manager tree menu provides configuration options for System templates, WiFi templates, Threat Weight templates, FortiClient templates, and Certificate templates. Provisioning templates Select the ADOM from the drop-down list and select Provisioning Templates in the tree menu. System templates System templates The System Templates menu allows you […]

Fortinet Management Theory

Fortinet Management Theory FortiManager is an integrated platform for the centralized management of products in a Fortinet security infrastructure. A FortiManager provides centralized policy-based provisioning, configuration and update management for FortiGate (including FortiGate, FortiWiFi, and FortiGate VM), FortiCarrier, FortiSwitch, and FortiSandbox devices. To reduce network delays and minimize external Internet usage, a FortiManager installation can […]