FortiCloud Open Ports

FortiCloud Open Ports Incoming Ports Purpose Protocol/Port FortiAP-S Initial Discovery TCP/443 Syslog, OFTP, Registration, Quarantine, Log & Report TCP/514 Event Logs UDP/5246 FortiGate Registration, Quarantine, Log & Report, Syslog TCP/443 OFTP TCP/514 Management TCP/541 Contract Validation TCP/10151 Outgoing Ports Purpose Protocol/Port FortiGuard (FortiDB will use a random port picked by the kernel) FortiGuard Updates TCP/80 […]

Advanced logging

Advanced logging This section explains how to configure other log features within your existing log configuration. You may want to include other log features after initially configuring the log topology because the network has either outgrown the initial configuration, or you want to add additional features that will help your network’s logging requirements.   The […]