FortiAP-S Open Ports

FortiAP-S Open Ports FortiAP-S Open Ports Outgoing Ports Purpose Protocol/Port FortiGuard FortiGuard Queries UDP/53, UDP/8888 Syslog, OFTP, Registration, Quarantine, Log & Report TCP/514 Event Logs UDP/5246* * – Only FortiAP models, not FortiAP-S. Incoming Ports Purpose Protocol/Port FortiClient SSO Mobility Agent, FSSO TCP/8001 FortiGate LDAP, PKI Authentication TCP or UDP/389 RADIUS UDP/1812 FSSO TCP/8000


Reference This chapter provides some reference information pertaining to wireless networks. FortiAP web-based manager Wireless radio channels WiFi event types FortiAP CLI FortiAP web-based manager FortiAP web-based manager You can access the FortiAP unit’s built-in web-based manager. This is useful to adjust settings that are not available through the FortiGate unit’s WiFi Controller. Logging into […]

Troubleshooting Useful debugging commands

Useful debugging commands For a comprehensive list of useful debug options you can use the following help commands on the controller: diagnose wireless-controller wlac help (this command lists the options available that pertain to the wireless controller) diagnose wireless-controller wlwtp help (this command lists the options available that pertain to the AP) Useful debugging commands […]

Troubleshooting Packet sniffer

Packet sniffer Capturing the traffic between the controller and the FortiAP can help you identify most FortiAP and client connection issues. This section describes the following recommended packet sniffing techniques: l CAPWAP packet sniffer l Wireless traffic packet sniffer CAPWAP packet sniffer The first recommended technique consists of sniffing the CAPWAP traffic. Enable plain control […]

Troubleshooting Signal strength issues

Signal strength issues Poor signal strength is possibly the most common customer complaint. Below you will learn where to begin identifying and troubleshooting poor signal strength, and learn what information you can obtain from the customer to help resolve signal strength issues. Asymmetric power issue Asymmetric power issues are a typical problem. Wireless is two-way […]