FortiGate-7000 overview

FortiGate-7000 overview A FortiGate-7000 product consists of a FortiGate-7000 series chassis (for example, the FortiGate-7040E) with FortiGate-7000 modules installed in the chassis slots. A FortiGate-7040E chassis comes with two interface modules (FIM) to be installed in slots 1 and 2 to provide network connections and session-aware load balancing to two processor modules (FPM) to be […]

FortiGate 7000 FortiOS 5.4.5 Admin Guide

Introduction This document describes what you need to know to get started using a FortiGate-7000 product. Also included are details about CLI commands that are specific to FortiGate-7000 products. This FortiOS Handbook chapter contains the following sections: FortiGate-7000 overview provides a quick overview of FortiGate-7000 components. Getting started with FortiGate-7000 describes how to get started […]

Diagnose commands for WAN Optimization

Diagnose commands for WAN Optimization The following get and diagnose commands are available for troubleshooting WAN optimization, web cache, explicit proxy and WCCP. get test {wad | wccpd} <test_level> Display usage information about WAN optimization, explicit proxy, web cache, and WCCP applications. Use <test_level> to display different information. get test wad <test_level> get test wccpd […]

FTP Proxy Configuration

FTP Proxy Configuration General explicit FTP proxy configuration steps You can use the following general steps to configure the explicit FTP proxy. To enable the explicit FTP proxy – web-based manager: Go to Network > Explicit Proxy > Explicit FTP Proxy Options. Select Enable Explicit FTP Proxy to turn on the explicit FTP proxy. Select […]

Explicit Proxy Configuration

Explicit Proxy Configuration The following is information that is specific to Explicit Proxy configuration. Configuring an external IP address for the IPv4 explicit web proxy You can use the following command to set an external IP address (or pool) that will be used by the explicit web proxy policy. config web-proxy explicit set status enable […]