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Enable date and time voicemail was recorded

Question: Is it possible to configure time stamps for voicemail when they are recorded enabling you to know when a user left the message?

Answer: Absolutely, in fact, it comes on by default. The only real thing you need to do is ensure that the date and time are properly set on your system. Below is a list of means to access the time stamps.

Timestamp for voice messages can be viewed in three different ways:
1)  voicemail to email will include timestamp info, i.e.
      Voice Mailbox 451 – Sales
New message from XXX XXX XXXX  IRON OAK IT INC
Received: Friday, March 20 at 11:52am
Length: 40 seconds
Total un-reviewed messages: 1
Total saved messages: 6

2) When listening to messages on a local or remote phone, press 5 to listen to message info including date and timestamp

3) You can open the Voicemail Manager option in the management console.
From there you can download all the messages from a mailbox, and the filenames will include date and time info, i.e.:
– [NEW][PRO LINK MORTG][1403xxxxxxx]~150401084901.wav
the number at the end shows 2015 april 1st at 8:49:01 AM

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