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Fortinet GURU offers many services to assist with the deployment, migration, and management of Fortinet devices. It is understandable that organizations don’t have the time or resources necessary to properly manage all of their appliances to best practice standards. The lack of time and resources are the exact reasons that Fortinet GURU offers the services listed below. Every organization should be given the opportunity to have quality infrastructure in place that is configured and managed the right way! If you are interested in any of the below services just fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

Firewall Management Service: Proper firewall management is paramount for the success of the network’s perimeter defense and security posture. While we are well versed in multiple firewall vendors we specialize in Fortinet’s FortiGate platform. We offer the service on a per firewall basis for a fixed firm price based on the model of FortiGate.

Security Hardening: Chances are high that your firewall policy isn’t as stringent as you would like. If you aren’t interested in utilizing the Firewall Management Service we offer, we can at least take a peak of your policy and help you reduce your attack surface and in turn increase your organizations security posture.

Design & Configuration Review: We spend our days working with the various Fortinet technologies and platforms. Majority of the time we see appliances that are not configured based on Fortinet’s best practice suggestions. This means the hardware isn’t functioning as well as it could be. Let us take audit your environment of Fortinet infrastructure to ensure you meet your organizations needs!

Software Upgrade and Platform Migration: Have an aging FortiOS software or Fortinet appliance on your network that you need to either upgrade or migrate off of? Let us assist you in properly sizing your next appliance and then take the pain of the migration away!

Managed IT Services: Fortinet GURU offers general IT outsourcing and managed service solutions. Let Fortinet GURU manage your IT infrastructure as  a whole by providing managed antivirus, managed cloud backups, server administration, and more!

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