FortiWLC – Example Security Profile with 802.1X RADIUS

Example Security Profile with 802.1X RADIUS In the following example, the Security Profile 8021x-data is created. It supports 802.1X authentication and uses the RADIUS profile main-auth to enable the primary RADIUS authentication server and the backup-auth profile for the secondary RADIUS server. default(config)# security-profile 8021x-data default(config‐security)# allowed-l2-modes 802.1x default(config‐security)# radius‐server primary main‐auth default(config‐security)# radius‐server secondary […]

FortiWLC – Encryption Support

Encryption Support Wireless LAN System offers CCMP-AES for WPA2. WPA2 uses CCMP/AES as encryption method. Descriptions of these technologies are provided in this section. Fortinet also supports the original 802.11encryption protocols provided by WEP64 and WEP128. We recommend using the more secure CCMP-AES encryption solution if your site’s client hardware cannot support CCMP. CCMP-AES AES […]