FortiGuard FortiGuard services can be purchased and registered to your FortiGate unit. The FortiGate must be connected to the Internet in order to automatically connect to the FortiGuard Distribution Network (FDN) to validate the license and download FDN updates. The FortiGuard subscription update services include: AntiVirus (AV) l Intrusion Protection Service (IPS) l Application Control […]

FortiGuard Open Ports

FortiGuard Open Ports FortiGuard Open Ports Incoming Ports Purpose Protocol/Port FortiAuthenticator AV/IPS Updates TCP/443 Virus Sample TCP/25 SMS, FTM, Licensing, Policy Override Authentication, URL/AS Updates TCP/443 Registration TCP/80 FortiClient AV Update & Registration TCP/80 URL/AS Rating, DNS, FDN, FortiGuard Queries UDP/53, UDP/8888 FortiCloud Registration TCP/443 FortiGate AV/IPS Update, Management, Firmware, SMS, FTM, Licensing, Policy Override […]

Central Management FortiGuard

FortiGuard FortiManager can also connect to the FortiGuard Distribution Network (FDN) to receive push updates for IPS signatures and antivirus definitions. These updates can then be used to update multiple FortiGate units throughout an organization. By using the FortiManager as the host for updates, bandwidth use is minimized as updates are downloaded to one source […]

Change of FortiGuard Filtering Port to mitigate Internet link flaps

I have a friend that has some FortiGates at his business. I have been helping him troubleshoot some random WAN1 port flapping issues. Well, after doing some research and looking through the documentation I found the below from Fortinet. Guess what internet provider he uses…’re right….COMCRAP….I mean, Comcast. Some modems, ComCast for example, are known […]