FortiSandbox Open Ports

FortiSandbox Open Ports Incoming Ports Purpose Protocol/Port FortiGate OFTP TCP/514 Others SSH CLI Management TCP/22 Telnet CLI Management TCP/23 Web Admin TCP/80, TCP/443 OFTP Communication with FortiGate & FortiMail TCP/514 Third-party proxy server for ICAP servers ICAP: TCP/1344 ICAPS: TCP/11344 Outgoing Ports Purpose Protocol/Port FortiGuard (FortiSandbox will use a random port picked by the kernel) […]

Chapter 21 – Sandbox Inspection

Chapter 21 – Sandbox Inspection   Sandbox Inspection This guide explains how to set up sandbox inspection using FortiSandbox with a FortiGate. It contains the following sections: An Overview of Sandbox Inspection: General information about how sandbox inspection works. Using FortiSandbox with a FortiGate: How to set up sandbox inspection on a FortiGate. Sandbox Integration: […]