FortiSandbox Appliance vs FortiSandbox Cloud

FortiSandbox Appliance vs FortiSandbox Cloud

FortiSandbox is available as a physical or virtual appliance (FortiSandbox Appliance), or as a cloud advanced threat protection service integrated with FortiGate (FortiSandbox Cloud).

To select the settings for Sandbox Inspection, such as the FortiSandbox type, server, and notifier email, go to Security Fabric > Settings.

The table below highlights the supported features of both types of FortiSandbox:

Feature FortiSandbox Appliance (including VM) FortiSandbox Cloud
Sandbox inspection for FortiGate Yes (FortiOS 5.0.4+) Yes (FortiOS 5.2.3+)
Sandbox inspection for FortiMail Yes (FortiMail OS 5.1+) Yes (FortiMail OS 5.3+)
Sandbox inspection for FortiWeb Yes (FortiWeb OS 5.4+) Yes (FortiWeb OS 5.5.3+)
Sandbox inspection for FortiClient Yes (FortiClient 5.4+ for Windows only) No
Sandbox inspection for network share Yes No
Sandbox inspection for ICAP client Yes No
Manual File upload for analysis Yes Yes
Sniffer mode Yes Yes
File Status Feedback and Report Yes Yes
Dynamic Threat Database updates for FortiGate Yes (FortiOS 5.4+) Yes (FortiOS 5.4+)
Dynamic Threat Database updates for


Yes (FortiClient 5.4 for Windows only) Yes (FortiClient 5.6+ for Windows only)

Note that FortiMail keeps its own Dynamic Threat Database. For more information, see the FortiSandbox documentation.

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