FortiGate modes

FortiGate modes The FortiGate unit has a choice of modes that it can be used in, either NAT/Route mode or transparent mode. The FortiGate unit is able to operate as a firewall in both modes, but some of its features are limited in transparent mode. It is always best to choose which mode you are […]


UTM/ NGFW Unified Threat Management and Next Generation Firewall are terms originally coined by market research firms and refer to the concept of a comprehensive security solution provided in a single package. It is basically combining of what used to be accomplished by a number of different security technologies all under a single umbrella or […]

Proxy servers

Proxy servers A proxy server is an appliance or application that acts as an intermediary for communicating between computers. A computer has a request for information. The packets are sent to the designated resource but before they can get there they are blocked by the proxy server saying that it will take the request and […]