IPv6 forwarding

IPv6 forwarding Policies, IPS, Application Control, flow-based antivirus, web filtering, and DLP FortiOS fully supports flow-based inspection of IPv6 traffic. This includes full support for IPS, application control, virus scanning, and web filtering. To add flow-based inspection to IPv6 traffic go to Policy & Objects > IPv6 Policy and select Create New to add an […]


DHCPv6 You can use DHCP with IPv6 using the CLI. To configure DHCP, ensure IPv6 is enabled by going to System > Feature Visibility and enabling IPv6. Use the CLI command config system dhcp6 For more information on the configuration options, see the FortiGate CLI Reference. DHCP delegated mode Downstream IPv6 interfaces can receive address […]

New Fortinet FortiGate IPv6 MIB fields

New Fortinet FortiGate IPv6 MIB fields The following IPv6 MIB fields have been added to the Fortinet FortiGate MIB. These MIB entries can be used to display IPv6 session and policy statistics. IPv6 Session Counters: fgSysSes6Count fgSysSes6Rate1 fgSysSes6Rate10 fgSysSes6Rate30 fgSysSes6Rate60 IPv6 Policy Statistics: fgFwPol6StatsTable fgFwPol6StatsEntry FgFwPol6StatsEntry fgFwPol6ID fgFwPol6PktCount fgFwPol6ByteCount IPv6 Session Statistics: fgIp6SessStatsTable fgIp6SessStatsEntry FgIp6SessStatsEntry […]

SIP over IPv6

SIP over IPv6 FortiOS supports Sessions Initiate Protocol (SIP) over IPv6. The SIP application-level gateway (ALG) can process SIP messages that use IPv6 addresses in the headers, bodies, and in the transport stack. The SIP ALG cannot modify the IPv6 addresses in the SIP headers so FortiGate units cannot perform SIP or RTP NAT over […]