Support for location-based services

Support for location-based services FortiOS supports location-based services by collecting information about WiFi devices near FortiGate-managed access points, even if the devices don’t associate with the network. Overview Configuring location tracking Viewing device location data on the FortiGate unit Overview WiFi devices broadcast packets as they search for available networks. The FortiGate WiFi controller can […]

Managing a FortiAP with FortiCloud

Managing a FortiAP with FortiCloud This chapter provides a few FortiCloud-managed FortiAP configuration examples. FortiCloud-managed FortiAP WiFi FortiCloud-managed FortiAP WiFi without a key You can register for a free FortiCloud account at For a video tutorial of how to configure and manage a FortiAP-S device from FortiCloud, follow the link below: l How to […]

Configuring wireless network clients

Configuring wireless network clients This chapter shows how to configure typical wireless network clients to connect to a wireless network with WPAEnterprise security. Windows XP client Windows 7 client Mac OS client Linux client Troubleshooting Windows XP client To configure the WPA-Enterprise network connection In the Windows Start menu, go to Control Panel > Network […]