FortiWLC – Appendix

Appendix Captive Portal and Fortinet Connect Deployment Recommendations These are the deployment recommendations. DNS Entry It is mandatory to enter the DNS while creating internal DHCP profile. External Portal IP Configuration If a NAT device is located between the controller and the Fortinet Connect, the IP address with which Fortinet Connect sees the controller should […]

FortiWLC – Syslog Messages

Syslog Messages This Appendix provides a brief listing of all Syslog messages currently implemented in FortiWLC (SD). Controller Management Controller Management Event System Log Example Description Action CONTROLLER REBOOT Oct 13 11:11:32 ALARM: 1255432836l | system | notice | NOT | Controller administrative reboot requested A controller reboot is requested.     Event System […]

FortiWLC – Alarms

Alarms When alarms are generated, the user has the option to either Acknowledge or Clear them by simply checking the box alongside the desired alarm and clicking the appropriate button towards the bottom of the window. Clear—Moves the alarm from the Active Alarms table into the Alarm History table. Acknowledge—Marks the alarm as acknowledged in […]