FortiAP Management – Discovering a FortiAP unit

Discovering a FortiAP unit

For a FortiGate acting as an AP controller (AC) to discover a FortiAP unit, the FortiAP must be able to reach the AC. A FortiAP with the factory default configuration has various ways of acquiring an AC’s IP address to reach it.

AC discovery type Description
Auto The FortiAP attempts to be discovered in the below ways sequentially within an endless loop.
Static The FortiAP sends discover requests to a preconfigured IP address that an AC owns.
DHCP The FortiAP acquires the IP address of an AC in DHCP option 138 (the factory default) of a DHCP offer, which the FortiAP acquires its own IP address from.
DNS The FortiAP acquires the AC’s IP address by resolving a preconfigured FQDN.
FortiCloud FortiCloud discovers the FortiAP.
Broadcast FortiAP is discovered by sending broadcasts in its local subnet.
Multicast FortiAP is discovered by sending discovery requests to a multicast address of, which is the factory default.

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