FortiManager Wizards – FortiManager 5.2

FortiManager Wizards

The FortiManager Device Manager tab provides you with device and installation wizards to aid you in various administrative and maintenance tasks. Using these tools can help you shorten the amount of time it takes to do many common tasks.

FortiManager offers four wizards:

Add device wizard

Discover: The device will be probed using the provided IP address and credentials to determine the model type and other important information.

Add Model Device: The device will be added using the serial number, firmware version, and other explicitly entered information. You can also select to assign a system template to the provisioned device.

Install wizard

Install Policy Package & Device Settings: Install a specific policy package. Any device specific settings for devices associated with the package will also be installed. You can select to create a revision and schedule the install.

Install Device Settings (only): Install only device settings for a selected set of devices; policy and object changes will not be updated from the last install. This option is only available when launching the Install Wizard in the Device Manager tab.

Install Interface Policy (only): Install interface policy only in a selected policy package. Any device specific settings for devices associated with the package will also be installed.

Import policy wizard

Import device

Re-install policy

Re-install Policy Package: You can right-click on the Config Status column icon in the Device Manager tab to perform a quick install of a policy package without launching the Install wizard.

This section will describe each wizard and their usage.

Additional configuration options and short-cuts are available using the right-click menu. Right-click the mouse on different navigation panes on the Web-based Manager page to access these options.

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4 thoughts on “FortiManager Wizards – FortiManager 5.2

  1. Hi, with add model device, whats is the best practices to add a lot of fortigates ? Load basic config with the fortimanager ip ? Thanks

    • My personal preference is to have a base config that configures the WAN IP of the device (if static) and inputs the FortiManager address. Once it phones home to the Manager I just have the Manager push the appropriate configuration. Obviously, this works better in environments that can withstand some small downtime. Though you could stand a deployment like this up in parallel and then just migrate over.

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