FortiManager Wizards – FortiManager 5.2

Add device phase

Configure the following settings:

Name Type a unique name for the device. The device name cannot contain spaces or special characters.
Description Type a description of the device (optional).
Disk Log Quota (min. 100MB) Type a value for the disk log quota in MB. The minimum value is 100MB. The total available space in MB is listed to the right of the text field.
When Allocated Disk Space is Full Specify what action to take when the disk space is full:

l Overwrite Oldest Logs l Stop Logging

Device Permissions Specify device permissions: l Logs l DLP Archive l Quarantine l IPS Packet Log
Manage FortiAP Enable or disable central FortiAP management.
Manage Endpoint Enable or disable central endpoint control. Select Specify and select the groups that you want the device to belong to.
Add to Groups Select to add the device to any predefined groups.
Other Device Information Enter other device information (optional), including:

l Company/Organization l Contact l City l Province/State l Country

  1. Select Next.

The wizard will proceed to discover the device, and perform some or all of the following checks:

  • Discovering device l Promoting unregistered device l Checking device status l Retrieving interface information l Updating high availability status l Retrieving configuration l Loading to database
  • Creating initial configuration file l Retrieving IPS signature information l Retrieving support data l Updating group membership
Device created successfully

System templates can be used to centrally manage certain device-level options from a central location. You can assign a system template using the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can select to configure all settings per-device inside Device Manager. For more information, see Provisioning Templates.

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