FortiManager Wizards – FortiManager 5.2

Import policy wizard

You can right-click on the right-content pane and select Import Policy to launch the Import Device wizard. This wizard will allow you to import zone maps, policy database,

Zone map

The Zone Map phase allows you to choose a zone for each interface. When importing configuration from this device all enabled interfaces require a mapping. Zone maps will be created automatically for unmapped interfaces.

Zone map phase

Import policy wizard

Add mappings for all unused interfaces Select to automatically create zone maps for unused interfaces.


The policy phase allows you to create a new policy package for import. Select the folder on the drop-down menu, and specify the policy package name. You can select to import all policies for select specific policies and profile groups to import.

Policy phase

Re-install policy

Folder Select a folder on the drop-down menu.
Policy Package Name Type a name for the policy package.
Policy Selection Select to import all, or select specific policies and policies groups to import.
Object Selection Select Import only policy dependent objects to import policy dependent objects only for the device.

Select Import all objects to import all objects for the selected device.


The object phase will search for dependencies. Duplicates will not be imported. Import

The import phase will import zone map, policies, and objects into the FortiManager database.


The summary phase allows you to download and view the import device summary results.

Summary example

Re-install policy

You can right-click on the Policy Package Status column icon to perform a re-installation of a policy package without launching the Install wizard. The content menu is disabled when the policy package is already synchronized. You can also right-click on the Config Status if the device is out of sync to install any device setting changes. This will only affect the settings for the selected device.

Select re-install policy

Re-install policy


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