Central VPN Console – FortiManager 5.2

Central VPN Console

When Central VPN Console is selected for VPN Management when creating an ADOM, a VPN Console tree menu item will appear in the Policy & Objects tab under Policy Package. You will need to enable the Show VPN Console option in System Settings > Admin > Admin Settings. You can create VPN topologies in this page. Once you have configured a VPN topology and gateway, you can configure the related firewall policies, preview and install. For more information, see Managing policies.

VPN topology

You can create full meshed, star, and dial up VPN topologies. Once you have created the topology, you can create the VPN gateway.

Create VPN Topology

Configure the following settings:


Name Type a name for the VPN topology.  
Description Type an optional description.
Topology Select the topology type from the drop-down list. Select one of:

Full Meshed: Each gateway has a tunnel to every other gateway.

Star: Each gateway has one tunnel to a central hub gateway.

Dial up: Some gateways, often mobile users, have dynamic IP addresses and contact the gateway to establish a tunnel.

IKE Profile Define the IKE Profile. Configure IKE Phase 1, IKE Phase 2, Advanced settings, and Authentication settings.
IKE Phase 1 Define the IKE Phase 1 proposal settings .

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