Configuring FSSO Advanced Settings

Ignore Name

Because CA will also check Windows log files for logon events and when a user authenticates to Exchange Server there is also a logon event in Windows event log, which CA will read and this will overwrite the Exchange Server logon event (ES- EventLog) on CA. So it is recommended to set the ignore list to the domain the user belongs to.

To do so, enter the domain name in the Ignore Name field and select Add.


RADIUS Accounting

A RADIUS server must be configured in your network to send accounting messages to the Collector Agent which can be configured to work with most RADIUS-based accounting systems. In most cases, you only need to do the following to your RADIUS accounting system:

  • Add a user group name field to customer accounts on the RADIUS server so that the name is added to the RADIUS Start record sent by the accounting system to the Collector Agent. User group names do not need to be added for all users, only to the accounts of users who will use RADIUS Accounting feature on the Collector Agent.
  • Configure your accounting system to send RADIUS Start records to the Collector Agent.


The Collocter Agent should be configured to listen for RADIUS accounting messages as following.


RADIUS Accounting Server


Enable RADIUS Accounting Server

Enable this option to allow the CA to gather information about authenticated users via a RADIUS server and send these information to the FortiGate unit for mon- itoring.


Listen port                         The port on which CA listens for RADIUS accounting messages. Default RADIUS accounting is 1813, but if RADIUS server sends accounting messages on different port, value can be configured here.

Shared secret                    Common secret between CA and RADIUS server.

Default domain name        This should be the AD domain for which this CA is configured. In this case user name in RADIUS accounting message can be in simple format like user1.

If this value is empty, then user name in RADIUS accounting message must be in one of these formats user1@domain, Domain\user1 or domain/user1. CA will use user name and domain to query group membership of user. Client IP address (Framed IP) should also be in RADIUS accounting message, so that CA can forward user name, IP address and groups to the FortiGate.

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