Configuring FSSO Advanced Settings

Citrix/Terminal Server

In the Citrix/Terminal Server tab, enter the following information and select OK.


Support Citrix/Terminal Server Virtual IP Envir- onment

When Citrix server are configured with VIP, CA can get user logon events from theses server. Citrix changed their interface and data format so version of Citrix server is important.

Citrix server before

version 6.0                        Enable this option if you Citrix server version is before 6.0.

Server list                           Enter the list of servers separated by colon.


Citrix server version 6.0 or later, or Ter- minal Server

Enable this option if you Citrix server version is 6.0 or later.

Server list                           Enter the list of servers separated by colon.


Exchange Server

FSSO supports monitoring Microsoft Exchange Server. This is useful for situation that the user use the domain account to access their email, but client device might or might not be in the domain. Support for Exchange server is configured on the Back-end FSSO collector agent under Advanced Settings > Exchange Server.

Select Add and enter the following information and select OK.

Domain Name                         Enter your domain name.

Server IP/Hostname               Enter the IP address or the hostname of your exchange server.

Polling forwarded event log

This option for scenarios when you do not want that CA polls the Exchange Server logs directly. In this case you need to configure event log forwarding on the Exchange server. Exchange event logs can be forwarded to any member server.

If you enable this, instead of the IP of the Exchange server configured in the pre- vious step, you must then configure the IP of this member server. CA will then con- tact the member server.

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