Carrier web-based manager settings

MMS scanning options

You can configure MMS scanning protection profile options to apply virus scanning, file filtering, content filtering, carrier endpoint blocking, and other scanning to MMS messages transmitted using the MM1, MM3, MM4 and MM7 protocols.

The following are the MMS Scanning options that are available within an MMS profile. You can create an MMS profile in Security Profiles > MMS Profile or edit an existing one. You must expand MMS Scanning to access the following options.


MMS Scanning section of the New MMS Profile page

Monitor Only  Select to cause the unit to record log messages when MMS scanning options find a virus, match a file name, or match content using any of the other MMS scanning options. Select this option to be able to report on viruses and other problems in MMS traffic without affecting users.

Tip: Select Remove Blocked if you want the unit to actually remove content intercepted by MMS scanning options.

Select to scan attachments in MMS traffic for viruses.


Virus Scan

Since MM1 and MM7 use HTTP, the oversize limits for HTTP and the HTTP antivirus port configuration also applies to MM1 and MM7 scan- ning.

MM3 and MM4 use SMTP and the oversize limits for SMTP and the SMTP antivirus port configuration also applies to MM3 and MM4 scan- ning.


Scan MM1 message retrieval       Select to scan message retrievals that use MM1. If you enable Virus Scan for all MMS interfaces, messages are also scanned while being sent. In this case, you can disable MM1 message retrieval scanning to improve performance.

Quarantine          Select to quarantine the selected MMS traffic


Remove Blocked Select to remove blocked content from each protocol and replace it with the replacement message.

Select Constant if the unit is to preserve the length of the message when removing blocked content, as may occur when billing is affected by the length of the message.

Tip: If you only want to monitor blocked content, select Monitor Only.

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