Carrier web-based manager settings

Carrier web-based manager settings

he Carrier menu provides settings for configuring FortiOS Carrier features within the Security Profiles menu. These features include MMS and GTP profiles.

In Security Profiles > Carrier, you can configure profiles and settings for MMS and GTP. In the Carrier menu, you can configure an MMS profile and then apply it to a security policy. You can also configure GTP profiles and apply those to security policies as well.

This topic includes the following:

MMS profiles

Since MMS profiles can be used by more than one security policy, you can configure one profile for the traffic types handled by a set of security policies requiring identical protection levels and types, rather than repeatedly configuring those same profile settings for each individual security policy.

If the security policy requires authentication, do not select the MMS profile in the secur- ity policy. This type of profile is specific to the authenticating user group. For details on configuring the profile associated with the user group, see User Groups in the Authentication guide.

For example, while traffic between trusted and untrusted networks might need strict protection, traffic between trusted internal addresses might need moderate protection. To provide the different levels of protection, you might configure two separate protection profiles: one for traffic between trusted networks, and one for traffic between trusted and untrusted networks.

Once you have configured the MMS profile, you can then apply the profile to MMS traffic by applying it to a security policy.

MMS profiles can contain settings relevant to many different services. Each security policy uses the subset of the MMS profile settings that apply to the sessions accepted by the security policy. In this way, you might define just one MMS profile that can be used by many security policies, each policy using a different or overlapping subset of the MMS profile.


The MMS Profile page contains options for each of the following:

  • MMS scanning
  • MMS Bulk Email Filtering Detection
  • MMS Address Translation
  • MMS Notifications
  • DLP Archive
  • Logging

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