Carrier web-based manager settings

MMS Notification

Antivirus Notification List             Optionally select an antivirus notification list to select a list of virus names to send notifications for. The unit sends a notification message whenever a virus name or prefix in the antivirus notification list matches the name of a virus detected in a session scanned by the MMS pro- tection profile. Select Disabled if you do not want to use a notification list.

Instead of selecting a notification list you can configure the Virus Scan Notification Type to send notifications for all viruses.


MMS Notification


Message Protocol

In each column, select the protocol used to send notification mes- sages. You can use a different protocol to send the notification mes- sage than the protocol on which the violation was sent. The MMS Notifications options change depending on the message protocol that you select.

If you select a different message protocol, you must also enter the User Domain. If selecting MM7 you must also enter the Message Type.


Message Type    Select the MM7 message type to use if sending notifications using

MM7. Options include deliver.REQ and submit.REQ

Select to use the information in the headers of the original message to set the address of the notification message. If you do not select this option, you can enter the required addressing information manually.


Detect Server Details

You cannot select Detect Server Details if you are sending noti- fication messages using a different message protocol.

If you select Detect Server Details, you cannot change the Porwhere the notification is being sent.

Hostname                                         Enter the FQDN or the IP address of the server where the notifications will be sent.

UREnter the URL of the server. For example if the notificaiton is going to , the URL is /home/alerts.

This option is available only when Message Protocol is mm1 or mm7.

Port                                                   Enter the port number of the server.

You cannot change the Port if Detect Server Details is enabled.

UsernamEnter the user name required for sending messages using this server (optional).

This option is available only when Message Protocol is mm7.

Password Enter the password required for sending messages using this server (optional).

This option is available only when Message Protocol is mm7.

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