Carrier web-based manager settings

Sender Address Identifier

where x-up-calling-line-id would be the Sender Address Iden- tifier.

If the Sender Address Source is Cookie, the address and its identifier in the HTTP request header’s Cookie field takes the format of attrib- ute-value pairs:

Cookie: id=<cookie-id>;

<Sender Address Identifier>=<MSISDN Value>

For example, the HTTP request headers might contain:

Cookie: id=0123jf!a;x-up-calling-line- id=6044301297

where  x-up-calling-line-id would be the Sender Address



Convert Sender Address From / To HEX

Select to convert the sender address from ASCII to hexadecimal or from hexadecimal to ASCII. This is required by some applications.


Add Carrier Endpoint Prefix for Logging / Notification

Select the following to enable adding endpoint prefixes for logging and notification.


Enable   Select to enable adding the country code to the extracted carrier end- point, such as the MSISDN, for logging and notification purposes. You can limit the number length for the test numbers used for internal mon- itoring without a country code.


Enter a carrier endpoint prefix to be added to all carrier endpoints. Use the prefix to add extra information to the carrier endpoint in the log entry.

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