Carrier web-based manager settings

MMS profile configuration settings

The following are MMS profile configuration settings in Security Profiles > MMS Profile.


MMS Profile page

Lists each individual MMS profile that you created. On this page, you can edit, delete or create an MMS pro- file.

Create New                                 Creates a new MMS profile. When you select Create New, you are auto- matically redirected to the New MMS Profile page.

Edit                                             Modifies settings within an MMS profile. When you select Edit, you are automatically redirected to the Edit MMS Profile.

Removes an MMS profile from the list on the MMS Profile page.


To remove multiple MMS profiles from within the list, on the MMS Profile page, in each of the rows of the profiles you want removed, select the check box and then select Delete.

To remove all MMS profiles from the list, on the MMS Profile page, select the check box in the check box column, and then select Delete.

Name                                           The name of the MMS profile.

Displays the number of times the object is referenced to other objects. For example, av_1 profile is applied to a security policy; on the Profile page (Security Profiles > Antivirus), 1 appears in Ref. .

To view the location of the referenced object, select the number in Ref., and the Object Usage window appears displaying the various locations of the referenced object.


To view more information about how the object is being used, use one of the following icons that is avialable within the Object Usage window:

View the list page for these objects – automatically redirects you to the list page where the object is referenced at.

Edit this object – modifies settings within that particular setting that the object is referenced with. For example, av_1 profile is referenced with a security policy and so, when this icon is selected, the user is redirected to the Edit Policy page.

View the details for this object – table, similar to the log viewer table, contains information about what settings are configured within that par- ticular setting that the object is referenced with. For example, av_1 profile is referenced with a security policy, and that security policy’s settings appear within the table.

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