FortiOS 5.4.1 Release Notes

Web Search Phrases

Extension of FortiView to analyze web search phrases in the network.

Cloud Application Security Enhancements

Enhancements include:

l Extensions to the cloud application UI and database l Enable fine-grained control over each cloud service (Allow, Block and Monitor commands) l Block individual commands (File Upload/Download, User Login etc.)

FortiSwitch Controller

Several large extensions have been added to FortiSwitch Controller to support all new generation FortiSwitch models. Extensions include:

  • Simplify the process to dedicate a FortiGate interface, or aggregate, to a FortiSwitch connection l Consolidation of VLAN objects to reuse the same VLAN objects and configuration process on interface or switches l Support different FortiSwitch topologies, including Single-Tier, 2-Tier, Ring, etc.
  • Support aggregate and redundant links within topologies

Special Notices

Built-In Certificate

FortiGate and FortiWiFi D-series and above have a built in Fortinet_Factory certificate that uses a 2048-bit certificate with the 14 DH group.

Default log setting change

For FG-5000 blades, log disk is disabled by default. It can only be enabled via CLI. For all 2U & 3U models (FG3600/FG-3700/FG-3800), log disk is also disabled by default. For all 1U models and desktop models that supports SATA disk, log disk is enabled by default.

FortiAnalyzer Support

In version 5.4, encrypting logs between FortiGate and FortiAnalyzer is handled via SSL encryption. The IPsec option is no longer available and users should reconfigure in GUI or CLI to select the SSL encryption option as needed.

FG-92D High Availability in Interface Mode

The FortiGate-92D may fail to form a HA cluster and may experience a spanning tree loop if it is configured with the following:

  • operating in interface mode
  • at least one of the interfaces, for example interface9, is used has the HA heartbeat interface l a second interface is connected to an external switch

Workaround: use either WAN1 or WAN2 as the HA heartbeat device.

FG-900D and FG-1000D

CAPWAP traffic will not offload if the ingress and egress traffic ports are on different NP6 chips. It will only offload if both ingress and egress ports belong to the same NP6 chip.


CAPWAP Tunnel over the GRE tunnel (CAPWAP + TP2 card) is not supported.

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3 thoughts on “FortiOS 5.4.1 Release Notes

  1. David

    FYI. I ran into a terrible problem using a Fortigate VM00. 5.4.1 will not run because the virtual appliance only has 1GB of memory available. Fortinet was nice enough to diagnose the problem, but really does not have an easy way of upgrading to the 2GB virtual appliance.

  2. Pablo

    Problems of download speed, I have a fortigate 30e and I have problems in the download speed 4.2 mbps, instead in upload speed is correct 89.55 mbps, I do not know where the problem may come from. I have version 5.4.1 build1064. You can help me.


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