FortiOS 5.4.1 and FortiGate 92D

As you guys know I run a FortiGate 92D at my house. I love it as the device works beautifully for my home network (which rivals some small and medium size businesses). I was about to update the box to the latest version of FortiOS (which is currently 5.4.1) and was notified by Fortinet ahead of time the following tidbit. Thank God these guys have an active voice in the community! Having the vendor active in the community helps ol scrubs like me keep things on the up and up that is for sure.

If and when you upgrade your 92D to v5.4.1, be sure to read the “Special Notices > FortiGate and FortiWiFi-92D Hardware Limitation” section of the release notes.  It contains VERY important information about a new command and its behaviour.  Basically, the switch chip behind port 1 to 14 is not as advanced as other models and has limitations.

As of writing this post (4:20pm June 9, 2016), an updated copy of the release notes with the above section had not been posted.  It will be shortly.

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