FortiOS 5.4.1 Release Notes

Bug ID Description
372908 The interface tooltip keeps loading the VLAN interface when its physical interface is in another VDOM.
374162 GUI may show the modem status as Active in the Monitor page after setting the modem to disable.
375227 You may be able to open the dropdown box and add new profiles even though it errors occur when editing a Firewall Policy page.
375259 Addrgrp editing page receives a js error if addrgrp contains another group object.
374343 After enable inspect-all in ssl-ssh-profile, user may not be able to modify allow-invalid-server-cert from GUI
372825 If the selected SSID has reached the maximum entry, the GUI will reset the previously selected SSID.
374191 The Interface may be hidden from the Physical list if its VLAN interface is a ZONE member in the GUI.
356985 You may not be able to create Restrict Google account usage to specific domains via GUI.
375255 You may not be able to quarantine the FortiClient device in FortiView because of a javascript error.
374525 When activating the FortiCloud/Register-FortiGate clicking OK may not work the first time.
374350 Field pre-shared key may be unavailable when editing the IPsec dialup tunnel created through the VPN wizard
374339 SSL VPN setting page may not check the required fields.
374371 The IPS Predefined Signature information popup window may not be displayed because it is hidden behind the Add Signature window.
374183 Security page does not have details for the Forward Traffic log for an IPS attack when displaying a FortiAnalyzer log.
374538 Unable to enable Upload logs to FortiAnalyzer after disabling it.
374373 Policy View: Filter bar may display the IPv4 policy name for the IPv6 policy.
365378 You may not be able to assign ha-mgmt-interface IP address in the same subnet as another port from the GUI.
374237 You may not be able to set a custom NTP server in the GUI if you did not config it in the CLI first.

Known Issues


Bug ID Description
375020 IPsec tunnel Fortinet bar may not be displayed properly.
374326 Accept type: Any peer ID may be unavailable when creating a IPsec dialup tunnel with a pre-shared key and ikev1 in main mode.

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3 thoughts on “FortiOS 5.4.1 Release Notes

  1. David

    FYI. I ran into a terrible problem using a Fortigate VM00. 5.4.1 will not run because the virtual appliance only has 1GB of memory available. Fortinet was nice enough to diagnose the problem, but really does not have an easy way of upgrading to the 2GB virtual appliance.

  2. Pablo

    Problems of download speed, I have a fortigate 30e and I have problems in the download speed 4.2 mbps, instead in upload speed is correct 89.55 mbps, I do not know where the problem may come from. I have version 5.4.1 build1064. You can help me.


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