FortiOS 5.4.1 Release Notes


Bug ID Description
303818 Allow user to specify All defined VLAN to be allowed vlan on FortiSwitch ports.


Bug ID Description
301315 In the Device Topology page, a dependency warning should appear if no interface has device detection enabled.
303787 Application page > Filter on a Unknown Application does not work.
303823 Policy > Source and Destination Interface displays an unknown-0 message.
300055 In the Traffic Shaping page , bandwidth and dropped bytes are not accurately listed for the Forward Shaper.
299900 In the Traffic shaping page, the IPv6 shaping misses the reply-shaper name and is not able to drill down the menu.
304068 Create a FortiFone device group and FortiCam device group.
294632 Users are not able to customize how quickly it will to scan an active device.
308676 Change the NST terminology.
303747 Source > Filter Source Device does not work.
277558 Policy page > IPv6 policy is displayed as IPv4 policy in realtime view.


Bug ID Description
306121 FWF60D kernel panic occurs after upgrading to v5.4.

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3 thoughts on “FortiOS 5.4.1 Release Notes

  1. David

    FYI. I ran into a terrible problem using a Fortigate VM00. 5.4.1 will not run because the virtual appliance only has 1GB of memory available. Fortinet was nice enough to diagnose the problem, but really does not have an easy way of upgrading to the 2GB virtual appliance.

  2. Pablo

    Problems of download speed, I have a fortigate 30e and I have problems in the download speed 4.2 mbps, instead in upload speed is correct 89.55 mbps, I do not know where the problem may come from. I have version 5.4.1 build1064. You can help me.


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