FortiOS 5.4.1 Release Notes


Bug ID Description
302908 Smbcd continuously requests for memory; this causes the system to enter conserve mode.
307920 authd is inserted in two non-portrange entries into fsso list with the same IP address.


Bug ID Description
303642 Route lookup window is empty.
303645 If no route is found, the IPv6 route lookup result is not accurate.
302576 GUI displays the password-policy rules on the Admin page even when the password policy does not apply to that admin user.
303038 Dead Peer Detection setting in the IPsec Tunnel Templates page shows On-demand instead of Enable.
303776 Options are not available in the Log View; a JS error occurs when setting a filter in the protocol field.
304100 Users are not able to enable Feature Select in Global or VDOM on the following platforms: FG-3700D, FG-3700DX, FG-3810D and FG-5001D.
304119 Explicit Proxy Policy receives an internal error if All Ports is enabled in any of ssl-ssh certificates in the Inspection Profile.
283656 NP6 offloading is lost when the IPsec interface has the aes256gcm proposal enabled.
304491 Users are not able to set the IPsec VPN Xauth User Group to inherit groups from the policy in the GUI.
304495 In the Network > Explicit Proxy page, when users edit Listen on Interfaces, the page stops responding.
304395 The SSLVPN Web Portal RSA Token in New Pin Mode does not work.
304645 Traffic Shapers bandwidth unit displays in kb/s while the backend config is displayed mbps/gbps.
304627 If you try to restore the config in the GUI, only master’s config is restored, the slave’s config is not restored.
304436 GUI might show a different received/sent value in CLI compared to the GUI >Modem monitor page.
304439 Users are not able to set UTM profiles in the IPsec Action Policy page.
304455 GUI > Interface > DHCP Server > Advanced > DHCP Client List page does not correctly display on Chrome 47.
307182 GUI > Firewall > the color setting for the firewall address group resets to default while doing any changes to addrgrp.
Bug ID Description
310993 Add a Feature Store button for on-net/off-net features, but disable by default.
295912 FortiAnalyzer displays as disconnected in the Unit Operation widget even though it is connected.
295628 Loading Application sensor does not work with custom Admin Profiles.


Improved Enterprise Bundle object visibility.
296342 FortiClient monitor display improvements.
305817 URL category within Explicit Proxy Address Objects are not shown in the GUI.
260301 Do not allow Wanopt to be enabled unless the peer is configured.
300372 – GUI stops working when the Admin tries to login with two factor authentication mail token.
303576 Add a Feature Store button to allow user the put multiple interfaces (and ANY) into a policy.
306393 Removes the lines to Fortilink ports on the faceplate.
354331 Fix incorrect validation for quarantine duration.
369359 Cannot create or update recurring a schedule from the GUI.


Update receive timeout to prevent connections from blocking access to the GUI access.
308695 GUI Updates for Additional DHCP Options table.
369172 GUI change resets VIP custom color configuration to default.
285156 GUI shows duplicate IP address and interface name in the FortiClient monitor page and the Device list page.

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3 thoughts on “FortiOS 5.4.1 Release Notes

  1. David

    FYI. I ran into a terrible problem using a Fortigate VM00. 5.4.1 will not run because the virtual appliance only has 1GB of memory available. Fortinet was nice enough to diagnose the problem, but really does not have an easy way of upgrading to the 2GB virtual appliance.

  2. Pablo

    Problems of download speed, I have a fortigate 30e and I have problems in the download speed 4.2 mbps, instead in upload speed is correct 89.55 mbps, I do not know where the problem may come from. I have version 5.4.1 build1064. You can help me.


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