Chapter 12 – Hardware Acceleration

Chapter 12 – Hardware Acceleration

This FortiOS Handbook chapter contains the following sections:

  • Hardware acceleration overview describes the capabilities of FortiGate content processors (CPs), security processors (SPs) and network processors (NPs). This chapter also describes how to determine the hardware acceleration components installed in your FortiGate unit and contains some configuration details and examples.
  • NP6 Acceleration describes the FortiGate NP6 network processor.
  • FortiGate NP6 architectures contains details about the network processing architectures of FortiGate units that contain NP6 processors.
  • NP4 Acceleration describes the FortiGate NP4 network processor.
  • FortiGate NP4 architectures contains details about the network processing architectures of FortiGate units that contain NP4 processors.


Whats New in Hardware Acceleration for FortiOS 5.4


NP6 diagnose commands and get command changes (288738)

You can use the get hardware npu np6 command to display information about the NP6 processors in your FortiGate and the sessions they are processing. This command contains a subset of the options available from the diagnose npu np6 command. The command syntax is:


get hardware npu np6 {dce <np6-id> | ipsec-stats | port-list | session-stats <np6-id> |

sse-stats <np6-id> | synproxy-stats}


<np6-id> identifies the NP6 processor. 0 is np6_0, 1 is np6_1 and so on. dce show NP6 non-zero sub-engine drop counters for the selected NP6. ipsec-stats show overall NP6 IPsec offloading statistics.

port-list show the mapping between the FortiGate’s physical ports and its NP6 processors.


session-stats show NP6 session offloading statistics counters for the selected NP6.


sse-stats show hardware session statistics counters.


synproxy-stats show overall NP6 synproxy statistics for TCP connections identified as being syn proxy DoS



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