Configuring authenticated access

Login failed page


The Disclaimer page replacement message does not re-direct the user to a redirect URL or the security policy does not include a redirect URL. When a user selects the button on the disclaimer page to decline access through the FortiGate unit, the Declined disclaimer page is displayed.


Login page


The authentication HTML page displayed when users who are required to authenticate connect through the FortiGate unit using HTTP or HTTPS.

Prompts the user for their username and password to login.

This page includes %%USERNAMEID%% and %%PASSWORDID%% tags.
Declined disclaimer page


The page displayed if a user declines the disclaimer page. See Disclaimer on page 506.


SMS Token page



Success message


The page prompting a user to enter their SMS token. See SMS on page 480.

The page displayed when a user successfully authenticates. Prompts user to attempt their connection again (as the first was interrupted for authen- tication).



Access to the Internet

A policy for accessing the Internet is similar to a policy for accessing a specific network, but the destination address is set to all. The destination interface is the one that connects to the Internet Service Provider (ISP). For general purpose Internet access, the Service is set to ALL.

Access to HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and Telnet sites may require access to a domain name service. DNS requests do not trigger authentication. You must configure a policy to permit unauthenticated access to the appropriate DNS server, and this policy must precede the policy for Internet access. Failure to do this will result in the lack of a DNS connection and a corresponding lack of access to the Internet.

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