Configuring authenticated access

To enable support for authentication protocols – CLI:

config user setting

set auth-type ftp http https telnet set auth-cert Fortinet_Factory




Authentication replacement messages

A replacement message is the body of a webpage containing a message about a blocked website message, a file too large message, a disclaimer, or even a login page for authenticating. The user is presented with this message instead of the blocked content.

Authentication replacement messages are the prompts a user sees during the security authentication process such as login page, disclaimer page, and login success or failure pages. These are different from most replacement messages because they are interactive requiring a user to enter information, instead of simply informing the user of some event as other replacement messages do.

Replacement messages have a system-wide default configuration, a per-VDOM configuration, and disclaimers can be customized for multiple security policies within a VDOM.

These replacement messages are used for authentication using HTTP and HTTPS. Authentication replacement messages are HTML messages. You cannot customize the security authentication messages for FTP and Telnet.

The authentication login page and the authentication disclaimer include replacement tags and controls not found on other replacement messages.

More information about replacement messages can be found in the config system replacemsg section of the FortiOS CLI Reference.


List of authentication replacement messages

Replacement message name (CLI name)


Login challenge page


This HTML page is displayed if security users are required to answer a question to complete authentication. The page displays the question and includes a field in which to type the answer. This feature is supported by RADIUS and uses the generic RADIUS challenge-access auth response. Usually, challenge-access responses contain a Reply-Message attribute that contains a message for the user (for example, “Please enter new PIN”). This message is displayed on the login challenge page. The user enters a response that is sent back to the RADIUS server to be verified.

The Login challenge page is most often used with RSA RADIUS server for RSA SecurID authentication. The login challenge appears when the server needs the user to enter a new PIN. You can customize the replacement message to ask the user for a SecurID PIN.

This page uses the %%QUESTION%% tag.

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