Configuring authenticated access

Disclaimer page

(auth-disclaimer-page-1) (auth-disclaimer-page-2) (auth-disclaimer-page-3)

This page prompts user to accept the displayed disclaimer when leaving

the captive portal to access Internet resources. It is displayed when the cap- tive portal type is Authentication and Disclaimer or Disclaimer Only.

In the CLI, the auth-disclaimer-page-2 and auth-disclaimer-page-3 pages seamlessly extend the size of the disclaimer page from 8 192 characters to

16 384 and 24 576 characters respectively. In the web-based manager this is handled automatically.

See Disclaimer on page 506.


Email token page


The page prompting a user to enter their email token. See Email on page 1.
FortiToken page


The page prompting a user to enter their FortiToken code. See FortiToken on page 481.


Replacement message name (CLI name)


Keepalive page


The HTML page displayed with security authentication keepalive is enabled using the following CLI command:

config system globalset auth-keepalive enable end

Authentication keepalive keeps authenticated firewall sessions from ending when the authentication timeout ends. In the web-based manager, go to User & Device > Authentication > Settings to set the Authentication Timeout.

This page includes %%TIMEOUT%%.

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