Configuring authenticated access

Customizing authentication replacement messages

Customizing disclaimers or other authentication replacement messages involves changing the text of the disclaimer message, and possibly the overall appearance of the message.

Changing the disclaimer in System > Config > Replacement messages is not the same as selecting to customize a disclaimer used in a captive portal. The System > Config location is the default message that all disclaimers inherit. The captive portal location is a customized disclaimer that inherits the default format for the disclaimer message, but then can be customized for this portal.

To customize the disclaimer for a captive portal – web-based manager:

1. Go to System > Network > Interface. Either select an existing interface or create a new one.

2. Under Security Mode, select Captive Portal, and enable Customize Portal Messages.

3. Select the Edit icon. You can select and edit any of the pages. Change your text or layout as needed.


Enabling security logging

There are two types of logging that relate to authentication — event logging, and security logging.

When enabled, event logging records system events such as configuration changes, and authentication. To configure event logging, go to Log&Report > Log Config > Log Settings and enable Event Logging. Select the events you want to log, such as User activity event.

When enabled, security logging will log security profile and security policy traffic.

You must enable logging within a security policy, as well as the options that are applied to a security policy, such as security profiles features. Event logs are enabled within the Event Log page.

For more information on logging, see the FortiOS Log and Reporting guide.

For more information on specific types of log messages, see the FortiOS Log Message Reference.

You need to set the logging severity level to Notification when configuring a logging location to record traffic log messages.

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