WAN Optimization

WAN Optimization

Toggle Disk Usage for logging or wan-opt (290892)

Both logging and WAN Optimization use hard disk space to save data. For FortiOS 5.4 you cannot use the same hard disk for WAN Optimization and logging.

  • If the FortiGate has one hard disk, then it can be used for either disk logging or WAN optimization, but not both. By default, the hard disk is used for disk logging.
  • If the FortiGate has two hard disks, then one disk is always used for disk logging and the other disk is always used for WAN optimization.

On the FortiGate, go to System > Advanced > Disk Settings to switch between Local Log and WAN Optimization.

You can also change disk usage from the CLI using the following command:

configure system global

set disk-usage {log | wanopt}



The Toggle Disk Usage feature is supported on all new “E” Series models, while sup- port for “D” Series models may vary.

Please refer to the Feature Platform Matrix for more information.

Changing the disk setting formats the disk, erases current data stored on the disk and disables either disk logging or WAN Optimization.

You can configure WAN Optimization from the CLI or the GUI. To configure WAN Optimization from the GUI you must go to System > Feature Select and turn on WAN Optimization.

Remote logging (including logging to FortiAnalyzer and remote Syslog servers) is not affected by using the single local hard disk for WAN Optimization.

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