Route priority

Route priority After the FortiGate unit selects static routes for the forwarding table based on their administrative distances, the priority field of those routes determines routing preference. Priority is a Fortinet value that may or may not be present in other brands of routers. You can configure the priority field through the CLI or the […]

Static Routing Security

Static routing security Securing the information on your company network is a top priority for network administrators. Security is also required as the routing protocols used are internationally known standards that typically provide little or no inherent security by themselves. The two reasons for securing your network are the sensitive and proprietary information on your […]

Advanced Static Routing

Advanced Static Routing Advanced static routing includes features and concepts that are used in more complex networks. Dynamic routing is not addressed in this section. This section includes: Routing concepts Static routing tips Policy routing Transparent mode static routing Static routing example   Routing concepts Many routing concepts apply to static routing. However without first […]