Stackable VDOM licenses (269153)

Using this feature you can purchase VDOM licenses for your FortiGate in multiples of 5 and increase the number of VDOM licenses that your FortiGate has incrementally over time. For example, you could add a 5 VDOM license to a 25 VDOM license and your FortiGate would now support up to 30 VDOMs. In the future you could add another 5 (or 10 or more).

For previous versions of FortiOS if you had a 25 VDOM license and wanted to increase the number of VDOMs you would have to purchase a 50 VDOM license, resulting in a total of 50 VDOMs.

This stackable VDOM licenses feature is backwards compatible with VDOM licenses purchased for older versions of FortiOS. For example, if you purchased a 25-VDOM license for your FortiGate running FortiOS 5.2.x, when you upgrade to FortiOS 5.4.x you can purchase 5 more VDOM licenses so that your FortiGate running FortiOS 5.4.x now supports up to 30 VDOMs.


Support execution of global CLI commands from within VDOMs (262848)

A new CLI command, sudo, allows the running of global commands from within the vdom context of the

CLI.This means that the user no longer has to:

1. exit from the VDOM

2. enter global

3. run the command

4. return to the previous VDOM The syntax for the command is:

sudo {global | vdom-name} {diagnose | execute | show | get}

These commands will only work if the user already has permissions to run the command. Unlike the the sudo command in some other operating systems like Linux, this command does not allow the user to run programs with the privileges of another user.


GUI features can now be enabled and disabled per VDOM (263708 273799 266028)

When VDOMs are enabled, most of the items in the Features section of the menu are moved to a similar menu section within the VDOM menu and are now customizable on a per VDOM basis. Some items such as IPv6 and Certificates are still configured on a global basis.

From the GUI, you can enable or disable GUI features from System > Feature Select.

From the CLI, GUI items that are enabled or disabled per-VDOM are configured from the config system settings command. GUI items that are enabled globally are enabled or disabled from the config system global command.

Turning these features on or off does not enable or disable the feature but determines whether or not that option is

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  1. Nelson

    Nice Article, can you confirm if this is applicable to fortimanagerVM? i got 10VDOM and want to increase, can I expand the VDOM count by applying multiple license? My concern is I dontsee an option GUI to apply more license


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