Significant SSL VPN web portal improvements (287328, 292726, 299319)

Significant updates and improvements have been made to the SSL VPN web portal in preparation for future browser updates, and in order to support all browsers:

  • SSL VPN web portal redesigned.
  • SSL VPN tunnel mode widget no longer works in the web portal.The tunnel mode widget used a deprecated NPAPI plugin mechanism to send the tunnel client to the browser for local system execution—this is a popular exploitation vector. FortiClient is now required for tunnel mode SSL VPN.
  • SSL VPN Web mode RDP Native java applet removed.
  • Removed unnecessary options from RDP bookmark and changed to HTML5 RDP.
  • Cache cleaning function has been removed.

Implement post-authentication CSRF protection in SSL VPN web mode (287180)

This attribute can enable/disable verification of a referer in the HTTP request header in order to prevent a Cross- Site Request Forgery attack.


config vpn ssl settings

set check-referer [enable|disable]


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