Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)


AS_PATH is the BGP attribute that keeps track of each AS a route advertisement has passed through. AS_PATH is used by confederations and by exterior BGP (EBGP) to help prevent routing loops. A router knows there is a loop if it receives an AS_PATH with that routers AS in it. The figure below shows the route between router A and router B. The AS_PATH from A to B would read 701,702,703 for each AS the route passes through.

As of the start of 2010, the industry upgraded from 2-byte to 4-byte AS_PATHs. This upgrade was due to the imminent exhaustion of 2-byte AS_PATH numbers. FortiOS supports 4-byte AS_PATHs in its BGP implementation.


AS_PATH of 701,702, 703 between routers A and B

The BGP commands related to AS_PATH include:

config router bgp

set bestpath-as-path-ignore {enable | disable}




BGP AS systems can have one or more routers that connect them to other ASes. For ASes with more than one connecting router, the Multi-Exit Discriminator (MED) lists which router is best to use when leaving the AS. The MED is based on attributes such as delay. It is a recommendation only, as some networks may have different priorities.

BGP updates advertise the best path to a destination network. When the FortiGate unit receives a BGP update, the FortiGate unit examines the Multi-Exit Discriminator (MED) attribute of potential routes to determine the best path to a destination network before recording the path in the local FortiGate unit routing table.

FortiGate units have the option to treat any routes without an MED attribute as the worst possible routing choice. This can be useful because a lack of MED information is a lack of routing information which can be suspicious — possibly a hacking attempt or an attack on the network. At best it signifies an unreliable route to select.

The BGP commands related to MED include:

config router bgp

set always-compare-med {enable | disable}

set bestpath-med-confed {enable | disable}

set bestpath-med-missing-as-worst {enable | disable}

set deterministic-med {enable | disable}

config neighbor

set attribute-unchanged [as-path] [med] [next-hop]

end end

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