This section provides guidelines to help you determine why your FortiMail unit is behaving unexpectedly. It includes general troubleshooting methods and specific troubleshooting tips using both the command line interface (CLI) and the web UI. Each troubleshooting item describes both the problem and the solution.

Some CLI commands provide troubleshooting information not available through the web UI. The web UI is better suited for viewing large amounts of information on screen, reading logs and archives, and viewing status through the dashboard.

For late-breaking troubleshooting information, see the Fortinet Knowledge Base.

For additional information, see “Best practices and fine tuning” on page 697.

This section contains the following topics:

  • Establish a system baseline
  • Define the problem
  • Search for a known solution
  • Create a troubleshooting plan
  • Gather system information
  • Troubleshoot hardware issues
  • Troubleshoot GUI and CLI connection issues
  • Troubleshoot FortiGuard connection issues
  • Troubleshoot MTA issues
  • Troubleshoot antispam issues
  • Troubleshoot HA issues
  • Troubleshoot resource issues
  • Troubleshoot bootup issues
  • Troubleshoot installation issues
  • Contact Fortinet customer support for assistance

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