Diagnose command changes (5.6.1)

Diagnose command changes (5.6.1) New diagnose features added to FortiOS 5.6.1. crash dump improvement on i386/X86_64 (396580) The output from the WPAD crash dump can now be in binary format as well as hexidecimal. The two commands are: For dump in binary format diagnose debug app wpad-dump <debug_level> For dump in hexidecimal format diagnose debug […]

Device identification (5.6)

Device identification (5.6) New Device Identification features added to FortiOS 5.6. Changed default for device-identification-active-scan to disabled (380837) It was decided that most customers would not appreciate a default setting that resulted in the FortiGate probing their systems, so active scan option is changed to disabled by default going forward, but upgrade code is added […]

FortiOS Carrier (5.6.1)

FortiOS Carrier (5.6.1) New FortiOS Carrier features added to FortiOS 5.6.1.   FortiOS Carrier GTP enhancement and GTP Performance Improvement. (423332) The GTP changes in 5.6.1 take place in the following categories: New GTP features and functionality enhancements. GTP message filter enhancements, including: l Unknown message white list l GTPv1 and GTPv2 profile separation l […]

Getting Started (5.6)

Getting Started (5.6) New Getting Started features added to FortiOS 5.6. Change to CLI console (396225) The CLI Console widget has been removed from FortiOS 5.6.0. It is accessed from the upper-right hand corner of the screen and is no longer a pop-out window but a sliding window. System Information Dashboard widget WAN IP Information […]

FortiOS 5.6.2 Release Notes

Introduction This document provides the following information for FortiOS 5.6.2 build 1486: l Special Notices l Upgrade Information l Product Integration and Support l Resolved Issues l Known Issues l Limitations For FortiOS documentation, see the Fortinet Document Library. Supported models FortiOS 5.6.2 supports the following models. FortiGate FG-30D, FG-30E, FG-30E_3G4G_INTL, FG-30E_3G4G_NAM, FG-30D-POE, FG50E, FG-51E, […]