Fixed port

Fixed port Some network configurations do not operate correctly if a NAT policy translates the source port of packets used by the connection. NAT translates source ports to keep track of connections for a particular service. From the CLI you can enable fixedport when configuring a security policy for NAT policies to prevent source port […]

Security policy 0

Security policy 0 Any security policy that is automatically added by the FortiGate unit has a policy ID number of zero (0). The most common reasons the FortiGate unit creates this policy is: The IPsec policy for FortiAnalyzer (and FortiManager version 3.0) is automatically added when an IPsec connection to the FortiAnalyzer unit or FortiManager […]

Local-In policies

Local-In policies On the FortiGate unit, there are a number of protocols and traffic that is specific to the internal workings of FortiOS. For many of these traffic sources, you can identify a specific port/IP address for this self-originating traffic. The following traffic can be configured to a specific port/IP address: SNMP l Syslog l […]