FortiOS 6.6 Brings LTS and Mike Got Fat!

It has been a lonnnnng time since I have posted. That is my fault. Sometimes you need to relax. I relaxed, a LOT and got fat in the process. I am back now! and FortiOS 6.6 which is upcoming in the next few months will have LTS (long term support) with a renewed focus on security and stability. If that doesn’t make your worm wiggle I dunno what will.

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About Mike

Michael Pruett, CISSP has a wide range of cyber-security and network engineering expertise. The plethora of vendors that resell hardware but have zero engineering knowledge resulting in the wrong hardware or configuration being deployed is a major pet peeve of Michael's. This site was started in an effort to spread information while providing the option of quality consulting services at a much lower price than Fortinet Professional Services. Owns PacketLlama.Com (Fortinet Hardware Sales) and Office Of The CISO, LLC (Cybersecurity consulting firm).

8 thoughts on “FortiOS 6.6 Brings LTS and Mike Got Fat!

  1. Chris McFatridge

    Good to see you back. WFH has added a couple of pounds here as well. Keep up the good work, we appreciate it!

  2. Kelly Steed

    Hi Mike,
    I am one of the dummies that updated to 6.2.4. Fortunately, we didn’t have many problems except accessing it after 5 days. Weird. Anyway, what is the best firmware to move to that’s actually stable?
    Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. Mike Post author

      I am only using it on FortiGates that are only serving as a firewall (no switch or AP management). 6.4.4 has some shenanigans with CAPWAP that cause problems in my experience so far. (smaller units like the 100F and down)

      1. John

        Glad to see you back! I’ve learned lots from watching your videos. Also glad to hear about FortiOS 6.6 LTS.

        Do you put much faith in Fortinet’s published hardware throughput specs as seen on their datasheets? Have you done any benchmark testing, or do you know of any other independent geeks like us who might have published some actual real-world throughput tests?


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