FortiOS 5.6 Beta 3

FortiOS 5.6 Beta 3 was released. They are steadily improving upon it. There are some glaring bugs (for instance, if you are running in NGFW policy mode and put a deny for certain web categories at the very top… kills all traffic below it too, even if there is an allow). That is going to […]

WCCP Diagnose commands

Diagnose commands The following get and diagnose commands are available for troubleshooting WAN optimization, web cache, explicit proxy and WCCP.   get test {wad | wccpd} <test_level> Display usage information about WAN optimization, explicit proxy, web cache, and WCCP applications. Use <test_level> to display different information. get test wad <test_level> get test wccpd <test_level>   […]