Linux FortiClient Download

Just a heads up, a lot of people only deal with one specific operating system in their environments (Fortinet dumps a lot of their investment into the development of Windows applications because of the market share). Just in case you haven’t found it, Fortinet provides downloads to the Mac OS and Linux OS FortiClient applications […]

Appendix D – FortiClient Log Messages

Appendix D – FortiClient Log Messages Client Feature ID Level Format Description AntiVirus 0x00017913 Warning Found malware by [AntiVirus scan|AntiVirus realtime protection] in [filesystem|email] This message is logged when a malware is found. AntiVirus 0x00017914 Warning Found suspicious by [AntiVirus scan|AntiVirus realtime protection] in [filesystem|disk|email] This message is logged when a suspicious is found. AntiVirus […]

Appendix C – Rebrand FortiClient

Appendix C – Rebrand FortiClient The FortiClient Configurator can be used to create custom FortiClient MSI installers with various combinations. The customized MSI installer generated may be used to install FortiClient on all supported platforms using Active Directory. A FortiClient setup executable file is also generated for manual distribution. Under Options, you can select to […]

Appendix B – FortiClient API

Appendix B – FortiClient API You can operate FortiClient VPNs using the COM-based FortiClient API. The API can be used with IPsec VPN only. SSL VPN is currently not supported. This chapter contains the following sections: l Overview l API reference Overview The FortiClient COM library provides functionality to: Retrieve a list of the VPN […]

Appendix A – Deployment Scenarios

Appendix A – Deployment Scenarios Basic FortiClient profile In this scenario, you want to configure a FortiClient profile by using the FortiGate GUI. When clients connect FortiClient Telemetry to FortiGate, they will receive the settings configured in the FortiClient profile. You can configure the default profile, or create a new profile. When creating a new […]

Custom FortiClient Installations

Custom FortiClient Installations The FortiClient Configurator tool is the recommended method of creating customized FortiClient installation files. You can also customize which modules are displayed in the FortiClient dashboard in the FortiClient profile. This will allow you to activate any of the modules at a later date without needing to re-install FortiClient. Any changes made […]

Diagnostic Tool

Diagnostic Tool You can access the FortiClient Diagnostic Tool from the FortiClient console. Go to Help > About. You can use the FortiClient Diagnostic tool to generate a debug report, and then provide the debug report to the FortiClient team to help with troubleshooting. For example, if you are working with customer support on a […]