FortiClient Issues With Mac OS Sierra

A client of mine stumbled across this issue and after some digging it appears to be fairly common. In my experience, FortiClient tends to have more issues with Mac OS in general. For this particular problem though I have had success by rolling back the FortiClient. Downloading the latest from FortiClient tends to be the spot where most people run into issue. Not sure what it is about the older versions that work versus the new one but it is an obvious bug.

If you are sitting around waiting for it to be resolved I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Fortinet tends to be a little slower resolving MAC related issues with the FortiClient software when compared to Windows etc…..guess we can chalk that up to market share.

Anyways, roll back your client to an earlier version and see if that resolves the issue for you. I would give you a specific version to roll to but it seems to vary from environment to environment.

Thing To Remember: Sierra is brand new, so the issues, obviously, may not be on the FortiClient side (at least not completely).


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9 thoughts on “FortiClient Issues With Mac OS Sierra

  1. Thomas Leavitt

    Client can be installed in OS X Sierra; the anti-virus doesn’t work, however. Leave the online installer running, go to “/var/private”, search for “fctupdate”, go to the folder, run the installed from the “forticlient.dmg” in that folder. You’ll get a message to the effect that “avkern.kext” is not compatible (which means the anti-virus database apparently won’t update). Also: your existing VPN configs appear to go bye bye as a result of the update. That said, haven’t actually tested anything yet.

  2. kk27653

    FortiClient_5.4.2.523_macosx.dmg 2016-11-10 16:11:07
    On Mac OS X 10.12, when upgrading FortiClient to 5.4.2, you must use the OnlineInstaller from the FortiClient

    – FortiClient (Mac OS X) supports Mac OS X v10.12 Sierra.
    – FortiClient in standalone mode no longer includes a banner at the bottom of the console.

    1. Mike Post author

      I just ran a test and was able to install on my MacBook Pro running Mac OS High Sierra 10.13. Let me do some digging for you.


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