FortiSwitch Standalone Mode Administration Guide

Introduction Welcome and thank you for selecting Fortinet products for your network configuration. This guide contains information about the administration of a FortiSwitch unit in standalone mode. In standalone mode, a FortiSwitch is managed by connected directly to the unit, either using the web-based manager (also known as the GUI) or the CLI. If you […]


FortiView The FortiView tab allows you to access both FortiView drill down and Log view menus. FortiView in FortiAnalyzer collects data from FortiView in FortiGate. In order for information to appear in the FortiView dashboards in FortiGate, disk logging must be selected for the FortiGate unit. Select the FortiView tab and select the ADOM from […]

System Settings

System Settings The System Settings tab enables you to manage and configure system options for the FortiAnalyzer unit. This includes the basic network settings to connect the device to the corporate network, the configuration of administrators and their access privileges, and managing and updating firmware for the device The System Settings tab provides access to […]

Administrative Domains

Administrative Domains When ADOMs are enabled, you must select the ADOM from the drop-down list in the toolbar. The Device Manager, FortiView, Event Management, and Reports tab are displayed per ADOM. The devices within each ADOM are shown in the default All FortiGate group. When ADOMs are disabled, the tree menu simply displays All FortiGates […]

Web Based Manager

Web-based Manager This section describes general information about using the Web-based Manager to access the FortiAnalyzer system with a web browser. This section includes the following topics: System requirements Connecting to the Web-based Manager Web-based Manager overview Web-based Manager configuration System requirements Web browser support The FortiAnalyzer Web-based Manager supports the following web browsers: Microsoft […]

Key Concepts

Key Concepts This chapter defines basic FortiAnalyzer concepts and terms. If you are new to FortiAnalyzer, this chapter can help you to quickly understand this document and your FortiAnalyzer platform. This topic includes: Administrative domains Operation modes Log storage Workflow Administrative domains Administrative domains (ADOMs) enable the admin administrator to constrain other FortiAnalyzer unit administrators’ […]

What’s New in FortiAnalyzer V5.2

What’s New in FortiAnalyzer v5.2 FortiAnalyzer v5.2 includes the following new features and enhancements. FortiAnalyzer v5.2.0 FortiAnalyzer v5.2.0 includes the following new features and enhancements. Event Management Event Handler for local FortiAnalyzer event logs FortiOS v4.0 MR3 logs are now supported. Support subject customization of alert email. FortiView New FortiView module Logging Updated compact log […]