How To – Basic OSPF Configuration On FortiGates Running 5.4.1

I had some people ask me how to configure some basic OSPF on a FortiGate so I created the following how to video. Yes, I know I need to get better at explaining things in videos. I get shy though…oh wells. Check out the video below to see how to do a basic OSPF configuration on a set of FortiGates running FortiOS 5.4.1. I mention some other ways you can bring OSPF into the environment (via IPSec tunnels etc) and I will create more in-depth videos in the future that dive into the more advanced features of OSPF on the FortiGate.


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4 thoughts on “How To – Basic OSPF Configuration On FortiGates Running 5.4.1

  1. Hello, i did this configuration exactly, and i can see both devices correctly, however i have a different environment, i have on router1 a hardware switch with an IP segment like 11.x.x.x/24, on the router2 side it’s 192.x.x.x/24, i took off one of the hardware switch ports to create the OSPF interfaces with and 8 acordingly, right now those sites are connected through VPN but want lo get rid of it, at this point OSPF is working, but i cannot be sure if that’s all it’s needed, i guess some static or policy routing is in order, am i correct? Thanks in advance for your time

    • Rene’ if the OSPF is working and the routes are populating accordingly then the devices should know how to get to one another (if I am understanding you correctly).

      If that is the case, you should be golden. Now, if they are relying on the tunnel for the passing of OSPF obviously that would be a rough situation. Let me know if I didn’t understand you correctly. Glad the video was able to help!

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